By   March 18, 2015
Yacon for Coffee

Yacon for Coffee is Healthier

For those of us who drink Coffee everyday there is a healthy way to get some real benefits from it rather than focusing on all the negatives your doctor may be telling you about drinking coffee.

I love coffee and I do not plan to stop drinking it anytime soon but if there is a way to get some real health benefits from drinking coffee everyday then count me in.

The recommended yacon dosage is two table spoons and day so if you drink more that 2 cups of coffee a day then only use the yacon syrup twice as it is very high in fiber and can keep you regular.

Why Take Yacon in Your Coffee?

Sugar in the morning helps to give a rush in the morning but there are many downside to eating sugar which include, weight gain, teeth decay and in addition to the added sugars you will be eating throughout the day like sucrose and fructose (Most common in daily diets) you can only expect to be adding many more calories with NO real essential nutrients. These are what is called “empty” calories because there no vitamins or minerals in sugar and there are no proteins or essential fats, just pure energy that can cause withdrawals resulting in headaches and or stomachaches.

The reason sugar in your coffee is or any other drinks you will have throughout the day is the fact that it’s an easily digestible energy for the bad bacteria that is found in our mouth.

Using yacon syrup as a sugar substitute in your coffee eliminates the risk of damage to your teeth and completely reverses the negative effects it has on the body. In fact pure yacon syrup will boost your natural metabolism so with each coffee in the morning you’ll get a healthy boost of energy to help you get started.

It doesn’t stop there either! Because yacon syrup is very high in fiber it can help lower your bad cholesterol at the same time as assisting with your digestion putting an end to constipation and will help keep you regular.

Simple Yacon Syrup Recipe

Simple replace any sugar you use in your tea or coffee with sweet organic yacon syrup. You will notice a bit of a different taste but your beverage will be sweet to taste as yacon is an excellent and healthy sugar substitute.