By   October 3, 2014

If your a vegetarian then you have probably already hear about Yacon syrup in Canada and how it’s growing in popularity amongst the many vegans and vegetarians who seek a better sugar substitute.

Because yacon syrup for weight loss comes from a raw, natural plant, it is both vegetarian-safe and vegan-safe option for better health as natural sugar has some draw back towards health.

Newer research studied show an increased interest from vegetarians with regards to Yacon because of it’s many health benefits besides just weight loss and the fact that it supports all animal product free diets it’s rising in popularity.

Main Reasons Vegetarians Choose Yacon

Reasons Vegetarians Choose YaconA) Fact is Yacon is an animal free diet choice means no meat and research shows that vegetarians already live around 12 % longer than those Canadians that eat meat. You can read a copy of this study HERE.

Basically this study was comprised of 73,308 men and women who were divided by a dietary questionnaire separating them into many different groups which included vegetarians and non-vegetarians and according to the end results vegetarians were 12 % less likely to pass away over a typical six year period than those who were the meat eaters.

With that in mind yacon syrup lowers the bad cholesterol and helps to regulate blood sugar levels making it a great alternative to regular sugar.

B) It’s no secret that Vegetarians lead a healthier lifestyle.

This same study also proved that vegetarians were more alert and in some cases smarter along with being healthier than their those participant that ate meat. Did I just say that? LOL…Hey it’s not me it’s the clinical study!

Fact is that vegetarians will live longer because of the many healthy choice like avoiding alcohol and tobacco products and are often time thinner because of a low fat diet.

In reality anyone that doesn’t smoke or drink alcohol or has a high fat diet AND exercises regularly has a much higher chance of living longer even if you not a vegetarian, it only makes sense.

C) Yacon can help reduced the chances of getting cancer and heart disease.

Cancer and heart disease are rated as the top two killers in Canada or any other industrialized nation in the world and this is why lower cholesterol levels and high fiber diets among vegetarians has been directly linked to a reduced threat of both of these deadly illnesses.

Even though researchers at Loma Linda University in California discovered that vegetarians have much lower risk of developing cancer and heart disease it now though that introducing yacon syrup into your daily diet will even drop this risk further.

D Lowered chance of weight problems and diabetes.

Yacon is a natural metabolism booster and therefore can help regulate you weight. Your Body Mass Index (BMI) impacts your body’s metabolic system and the amount of insulin produced thus impacting your chances of contracting diabetes. Yacon regulates blood sugar because it tells your body it’s already got enough and less insulin is produced. Lower insulin levels means lower weight because there is less energy to be stored as fat. In addition you body begins to use fat cells that already have these stores and so you’ll lose weight, naturally and safely.

Vegetarians already have a much lower risk for establishing diabetes because of the healthier diet choices.

E) Lower blood pressure.

Many doctors agree that vegetarians have the tendency to have lower blood pressure than conventional dietary groups. In fact, doctors will advise switching to a vegetarian diet if you are diagnosed as having high blood pressure.

Summary of Yacon Benefits for vegetarians

If you keep a vegetarian diet for a long duration of time, you have actually a lowered probability of establishing the following:

  • High blood pressure
  • Weight problems
  • Diabetes
  • Digestive issues such as constipation

For each one of the above reasons you should consider yacon as a sugar replacement and even though being vegetarian has many great health benefits, organic yacon syrup can certainly aid with better health and longevity.