Recipe BookYes you can get our 150 Yacon Syrup recipe book with every purchase you make right here.

We can help roll your Yacon Syrup into your everyday diets. Our recipes include everything from breakfast recipes, quick lunch recipes, dinner recipes, salad dressings and deserts.

Adding more fiber and additional yacon benefits while you lose weight can be as simple as eating normal and replacing sugars with yacon syrup, it has already worked for thousands of Canadians and American dieters and it can work for you too.

All you have to do is click our link below and after you made your purchase email us your order number and we will send you this ebook.

Click HEREYour steps:

  1. Click the banner above and make your purchase
  2. Email us your order number
  3. We will send you our recipe book.


2 Comments on “Free Yacon Syrup Recipes Book

  1. chrisv

    I want to buy yacon+150 yacon Syrup Recipes, but… i’m from Romania and i can’t pay by Paypal. Pls do you have a different payment method?
    Thank you.

    1. Rickbob Post author

      No problem at all.

      You can still pay via Pay Pal you do not require a Pay Pal account.

      I can send you an invoice for $4.99 and you can pay with any Major credit card OR you can e-Transfer.

      Richard Jarvis

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