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Weight Loss ResearchIn this present day world where many are faced with the challenges of keeping up and sustaining a natural and healthy weight, a large number of people have encountered an innumerable amount of weight loss advertisements in their attempt to find a lasting solution to these challenges.

As a result a majority of us have come across numerous weight loss advertisements on TV, websites and the likes but the even greater problem is not finding an advertisements but locating the right and effective extreme weight loss methods that will give the results were looking for with little or better still no side effects.

Dieters have witnessed in their attempts to lose weight; from different diet plans like traditional diets to the use of weight loss pills. Nevertheless, there are lots of little but substantial methods to escape popular dieting or weight loss pitfalls through achieving a long lasting weight loss success and also improving a healthier association with food.

A lot of extreme weight loss pills like the weight loss pills gnc, weight loss pills walmart and their likes have also been put up in both online and other market stores to combat the increasing difficulty of weight loss.

Gaining or losing weight is a simple equation. When the amount of calories eaten or taken in by a person is more than what is burnt out, then such a person gains weight but if a person burns more calories than the amount taken in or eaten then weight is lost. 3,500 calories is equivalent to a pound of fat.

Roughly a pound of fat could be lost in a week if 500 calories is cut off from your regular diet each day. Even with this simple equation, many still find losing weights more difficult to achieve.

Most of the time, people make weight loss so arduous than it ought to be through application of extreme weight loss diets that causes crankiness and starvation. With the increasing burden and tension to lose weight increasing on daily basis, many weight losers are focusing on dangerous an extreme methods of losing weight which in reality leads to negative feelings, ailing lifestyle and unfavorable physical side effects such as PMT, flatulence and headaches.

The good news is that there are better weight loss methods without feeling miserable while trying them out. Through making intelligent decisions every day, you can build new eating habits and fondness that will make you feel content and satisfied.


Extreme BenefitsIf you seriously want to lose weight and you want to do so rapidly, there are many methods of extreme weight loss but some of these methods might not be likeable as they can cause severe health issues. It is important to know that losing pound quickly can leave you malnourished, dehydrated, fatigued and shriveled like a prune.

Some of these methods include:

The Use of Weight Loss Pills

Diet pills are the wonder works present day solution to extreme weight loss. It I is a cure for the disorder in our age of overabundance. The use of diet pills can be so effective as an extreme weight loss method, but it is usually accompanied with side effects. Most of these diet pills strike your appetite at its source which is your brain. They are basically thinly veiled amphetamines, or speed in prescription form. As much as they affect your appetite they can as well become addictive and also destructive.

There are also few natural appetite suppressors but unlike synthetic drugs, they haven’t been severely clinical trialed over long periods of time but there is some evidence that has shown they work.

Yacon Syrup is the newest form of weight loss treatment but can still be bought in pills form.


Phentermine is one of the approved products for obese patients experiencing serious medical problems as a result of their weight. It received approval from FDA in 1959 as suppressant of appetite. Phentermine is a prescription amphetamine that works on neurotransmitter in the brain leading to the reduction of appetite. To be effective, this product has to be combined with proper diet and exercise program. Side effects of this product include increased heart rate, high blood pressure, insomnia, and heart palpitations. Taking it for a long time makes one become addicted to it.


Orlistat is another prescription weight loss drug that acts by inhibiting pancreatic, fat dissolving enzymes. When taken it stops the absorption of fats into the digestive tracts. If taken three times daily before meals, it will block up to 30 percent of the fat you take. Orlistat has some disadvantages like causing diarrhea, fecal incontinence.


Unlike phentermine, bontril/phendimetrazine is more addictive and is another amphetamine related weight loss drug. Up to 33% of the drug is metabolized into phenmetrazine. Phenmetrazine is a stimulant drug for diet which is highly addictive in nature, hence taken off the market. It is only made available strictly by prescription and its use is exceedingly monitored. This product can cause increased blood pressure and heart rate when used for extended periods

The drug is addictive and can cause increased heart rate and blood pressure. Using it for a longer period can also wreck your nervous system, causing insomnia, tremors, anxiety, depression and fatigue.

There are other weight loss pills walmart like Zantrex-3 Dietary rapid weight loss supplement, Diurex Ultra, Lipo-6, Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle diet, Generix Dietary  Leptoril and many more.

The use of Pills isn’t the only extreme weight loss technique. Other weight loss techniques are discussed below:

Hoodia: Hoodia originate from Africa and is a succulent which has been used for a long time to deal with problems of indigestion and also infections.  Its active ingredient called the P57 is known to be effective as appetite suppressant. Presently, hoodia extract are believed to be natural ways to curb your hunger and lose weight. Research has shown that hoodia extract can lead to liver damage in the long run.

Liposuction: Liposuction primary use is body sculpting. It is believed to be the quickest way to lose weight and also,the most harmful. It involves a surgery process in which a person is anaesthetized. Fast incisions are made on the body, then the vacuum also called the cannula sucks the fat clean out. After the surgery, compression garment is worn for about four weeks to keep the swelling down. If all goes well, in six weeks you will become attractively slim or slender but there are high possibilities of wavy or bumpy skin, scarring and numbness. For someone obsessed, liposuction might not be the only option. One disadvantage of liposuction is that its results are not permanent especially for those who return to their old eating habit.

Gastric bypass: This method involves making your stomach smaller and eating less food to get your desired weight loss result. This method is an extreme weight loss method specifically designed for those who are obsessed and need weight loss to continue to live and maintain healthy lifestyle. This method is also called Stapled stomach. Doctors carry out this procedure on patient by stapling the stomach of the patient into a tiny pouch that normally holds an ounce of food causing a strong caloric reduction and weight loss. The surgery procedure can be so repellent to sight and can leak, causing infection. One of the side effects of this procedure includes malnutrition.

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Extreme dieting: This method is all about will and determination. It is one of the oldest extreme weight loss method that  involve eating just vegetables, cutting out all carbs and sticking to just one meal per day exactly with no sugar or fat. Though difficult to maintain or carry out but they are effective. The problem with this technique is that it causes fatigued and malnourishment when enough calories are not taken and ignoring some vital nutritious food each day.

Any quick fixes or solution to weight loss always come with some sort of side effects. Therefore to really shed or lose weight is tough and challenging, it takes determination and sustained efforts like getting into more exercises and monitoring and controlling your eating habit. Shedding weight is not something that happens overnight but with consistency and determination, you’ll see the result that you desire.


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