Learn More About Yacon HereThere are many benefits to adding Yacon Syrup to your daily diet plan. Not only have consumers seen dramatic weight loss there are other health benefits that include lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and improved digestion.

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What is Yacon Syrup?

It all started with the Dr. Oz show (TV Host) where he has investigated many weight loss products then features them to explain the benefits. He was so impressed with Yacon he labeled it the “Metabolism Game Changer“. Boosting energy is the tip of the iceberg, there are many more benefits to the Yacon Root and we will give you the “Run Down” right here.

Our Yacon Syrup Ingredient List

  • Our Yacon Molasses is made from 100% Pure and Organic Yacon Root
  • It’s made from the root of the Yacon plant with 50% Fructooligosaccharides (FOS)
  • Our brand contains 16 fl. oz. per bottle.
  • This Yacon Molasses is manufactured in an FDA registered lab that has been cGMP certified.
  • Also complies with the USA Pharmacopeia’s quality standards for quality & purity.
Yacon ingredient List

Yacon ingredient List


New Yacon Supplements

The reason the Yacon supplements are becoming so popular is due to ease of taking them. You don’t have to carry a bottle of syrup around with you and the yacon supplements are tasteless and vegetarian friendly.

  • Yacon root can suppress the appetite to make you feel fuller for longer.
  • Yacon root may help to boost the metabolism.
  • Suitable for vegetarians & vegans.
  • An entirely natural weight loss supplement recommended by TV doctors & health professionals.
  • 60 capsules per bottle is enough for a 1 month supply when taking 2 a day.
Yacon Root Capsules

New Yacon Root Capsules


The plant is harvested from the Northern and Central Andes in Colombia to Northern Argentina in South America. Like the Maca plant that is harvested for it’s root the Yacon Root is now too because of all it’s health benefits.

Yacon MolassesWhy it’s becoming so popular is the fact that the root when made into molasses syrup it is noticeably sweet making it an excellent substitute for regular sweeteners such as sugar and with much less calories.

Yacon Syrup Review

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If I told you that you can replace the sugar in your coffee with an organic substitute that will help you lose weight without exercise, would you be interested?

Fact is there are many more benefits than just permanent weight loss.

Yacon Molasses Syrup Benefits

Clinical Study ResultsWeight Loss – As mentioned earlier Dr Oz (TV Host) conducted his own study using participants from his studio audience. Those who took the syrup properly seen weight loss. Also an earlier clinical study back in 2009 showed that 55 obese lost an average of 33 pounds and 4″ from their waist over the 4 month testing period.

Fiber Rich Diet – The the tuberous roots of the yacon plant is very high in fiber and can help alleviate stomach and digestions issues and is often used as a constipation remedy. Adding it regular meals will increase your daily fiber intake naturally. Fact -Studies showed that it reduced the transit time through the digestive tract from 60 to 40 hours and increased bowel movement frequency from 1.1 to 1.3 per day.

Controls Blood Sugar Levels – Yacon Syrup  contains up to 50% of fructooligosaccharides (FOS) which is the main ingredient that effects weight loss. The consumption of FOS can bring blood sugar levels down thus controlling energy store before they are turned into fat stores in the body.

Increases Good Bacteria in the Gut – This is vital for health and for this reason alone you should add Yacon to your diet. Having more of the good bacteria is associated with a lower risk of diabetes, improved brain function and a better stronger, immune system.

Lowers Cholesterol – Because yacon syrup is very high in good fiber it drive down cholesterol (LLD – the bad one) which will reduce the risk of heart disease and some types of cancer. FactThe Clinical Nutrition journal reported that there were improved insulin levels, which correlated with a drastic drop in bad cholesterol.

Why Organic Yacon Syrup?

Jump ExcerciseIt’s strongly recommended that you only take an organic Yacon Syrup to reduce the risk of insecticides, or foreign toxin as most Yacon plants are harvested and manufactured into Syrup in South America where environmental laws are not as strict as in Canada or the USA.

A trusted source is a manufacturing facility that extracts the juices from the roots and runs it through a filter and evaporation process that is completely chemical-free. This is a process that is similar to the way our Canadian Maple syrup is made.

How to Use it?

Because it is sweet there are various way you can use it as part of your everyday diet and the best part is you won’t have to change a thing.

Yacon syrup can substitute sugar. Use it in your tea, coffee, baking recipes but do NOT cook it. Extreme heat breaks down all the great health benefits so use it as an additive or topping etc.How to Use Yacon Syrup

How to take it?

The proper Yacon dosage is 3-4 teaspoons a day! The clinical studies conducted showed great weight loss at these levels. Some take it raw right off the spoon or the popular method is to mix it in with what ever your drinking throughout the day.

Because it’s a great sugar substitute you can take it in your coffee or tea or added to any topping recipe. There are many valuable benefits in the natural syrup so it’s best to take raw as using it for cooking recipes may not be a great idea considering extreme heat can reduce the benefits.

Why Choose Yacon Canada?

We have sourced 100% pure, organic Yacon Syrup in Canada from manufacturers that have FDA approved facilities and are certified to GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) to ensure consistent quality in the product.

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You will lose weight naturally and safely and add more health benefits to your every day diet without changing anything in your diet.

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